• 1.General
    General questions about Gotta Do My Tax business.
  • How much do you charge?

    I charge a flat fee based on the complexity of your return. There are no hourly charges, extra or hidden fees. I give out the quote before I start the work so there are no surprises. I quote based on the following criteria;

    Personal Returns

    1. Are you filing Single, Married Filing Jointly or Head of Household?
    2. Are you and/or your spouse reporting W2's? If yes, are there more than 8 in total?
    3. Are you and/or your Spouse reporting 1099-NEC’s, 1099-MISC’s and/or 1099-K’s?
    4. Are you and/or your Spouse; Self Employed / Sole Proprietor / Independent Contractor / DBA?
    5. Is all your income in one state, or multiple states?
    6. Anything else out of the ordinary I should know? (i.e., Rental Property Income, Sale of Home, Stock Sales, Crypto sales etc.)?
    7. If you do have stock sales, did you have more than 10 transactions?

    Separate Entities  (S Corp, LLC taxed as an S Corp, Single Member LLC, Partnership LLC, C Corp, Non LLC Partnership)

    • What type of entity are you? S Corp, LLC taxed like an S Corp, Single Member LLC, Partnership LLC, C Corp, or non-LLC Partnership? If more than one entity, please answer all questions for each entity individually.
    • How long in business?
    • How many members and/or employees?
    • Which state was the entity formed in and which state does it operate in?
    • Anything else out of the ordinary I should know?
    • What is your entity’s gross income OR approximate gross income?
    • Will there be a prepared Profit & Loss statement?
  • What services do you provide?

    Income Tax Prep for all States, Amended returns, Back years, Form an LLC, S Corp, Partnership

  • What's included in your fees?

    Our fee is a flat fee. No additional charges except card processing fees if paying by card.

    This fee includes all of the following;

    1. All forms required to correctly file your tax return
    2. E filing your Fed and State taxes
    3. PDF copy of your tax return
    4. Year-round consultation
    5. Estimated Taxes prepared if you need them
    6. We handle and/or counsel you on any IRS, State and City correspondence you receive in
    the mail.

  • Who is your typical client?

    Specialize in Small Business Owners, Fitness Models, Influencers, Social Media
    personalities, Tik Tokers, Content Producers, Vloggers, Instagram, You Tubers, Onlyfans, Hosts, Independent Nurse Care Providers, Real Estate Brokers, Personal Services, Designers, H&R Block refugees, Photographers, Tattoo Artists, Hair Stylists, Journalists, Reporters, Musicians, DJ's, Artists, Models, Dancers, Writers, Producers, Directors, Cast & Crew or whatever you do! Just about all industries.

  • What type of payments do you accept?


    There is a processing fee for Credit Card payments

  • Are you taking new clients? Do you take referrals?

    Yes and yes, but only when we have space. Check in with us to see if there is space

  • If I get paid by 1099, how much should I set aside for taxes?

    Generally, 20% for Federal, 5-9% for State, so a total between 25-29%. For every $1000 you make, you should set aside $250-$290. And yes, once you file a return with deductions on it or show estimated taxes paid, you will owe a lot less or maybe get a refund.

  • What is this City of Los Angeles thing I keep getting in the mail? I don't own a business!

    Go to VlogBlog and check out my article titled  City Taxes / Business Licenses

  • Should I withhold taxes from my unemployment? Does my unemployment get taxed?


  • Can you give me advice about adopting children through LA County?

    Yes, email me.

  • What can I do to owe less taxes or increase my refund?

    It might be easier to define the word LOVE. When you do your tax return with us, we'll go over all your options.

  • Should I use a tax preparer or Turbotax?

    Our services are for those clients who already know they don't want to prepare their own taxes. If you're on the fence about calling me or doing them yourself, with all due respect, you are not the type of client we are looking to serve.

  • Ginger or Mary Ann?


  • 2.Refunds
    Questions about tax refunds.
  • Is it better to get a bigger refund?

    I don't think so. That means the government is holding onto too much of your money and giving it back to you a year later with no interest. Better to have a bigger net paycheck during the year. AND you get taxed on your state refunds (don't get me started). So I'd rather owe the state a few measly dollars and claim the deduction than get a big refund that I'll be taxed on.

  • 3.Deductions
    Questions about tax deductions.
  • Are you aggressive in deductions?

    My job is to make sure that if you are getting a refund, it's the biggest you are legally entitled to. If you owe, I want to make sure you owe the least amount legally possible.

  • Can I claim my dog/cat?

    NO!!! I said NO!!! Stop asking!!!

  • 4.Preparing Your Taxes For Our Appointment
    Information about how to prepare for your tax appointment. What you should bring, how long will it take and what to expect.
  • How do I get my stuff to you?

    By Appointment, by Remote Private Portal, by Mail or Drop Off

  • What do I bring?

    All your tax documents. Anything you get in the mail that says IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENT ENCLOSED. Bring some ID and social security numbers. Your write offs
    (there are forms on this website to help you with deductions ). If you are new, bring last year's tax return with you. Bring payment. Also, you should have your personal previous year's calendar handy. I'm going to need your health insurance coverage info.

    If you are receiving Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit, ask me for all the very specific things you need to claim these credits.

  • How long is this going to take?

    If you stop asking me so many questions and if you are prepared, it will go really fast! Or as long as you need if you have to compile information not readily available. I am happy to work with you either way. It could take as little as 5 minutes in certain instances. Depends on what you need and how prepared you are.

  • Can I ask questions? Like lots of questions?

    Yes, and they will be answered as truthfully and expertly and patiently as possible.

  • Should I save all my receipts?

    YES! And all your bank, credit card and debit card statements! Yes, for the love of God YES! Just do it!