GDMT was created to fulfill a need for friendly, down to earth, accessible tax preparers. We won’t talk over your head but we’ll give you peace of mind. We do our best to make everything simple and understandable, and we do it with patience and empathy.

What makes us your Go-To tax prep firm ?

When you get a quote from us, your flat fee includes all this;

  1. All forms required to correctly file your tax return
  2. E filing your Fed and State taxes
  3. PDF copy of your tax return
  4. Year round consultation
  5. Estimated Taxes prepared if you need them
  6. We handle and/or counsel you on any IRS and State correspondence you receive in the mail. We also counsel you on City Taxes.
  7. If you are audited due to an error that we made, we will cover the penalties and interest. For an additional $50 towards your fee, we offer Audit Protection Peace of Mind. If you receive a mail in Audit, we will help you prepare your case. *
  8. Satisfaction guaranteed. You are happy with our work or you don’t pay

(*Does not include amended returns, recalculated 1095-A forms, mileage logs or field audits)

What makes us unique?

We knew clients were concerned about hourly charges and hidden fees at other firms so we worked to streamline our pricing.

We are transparent. We have no problem explaining your tax return to you so that you can do them yourself.

We never operate from fear. We want you relaxed and confident.

This is California, after all, so we have a lot of entertainment clients. We know the deductions you’ve been looking for.

What makes us exceptional?

We serve all types of clients and economic backgrounds

We have practical experience and we work fast yet diligently.

We know how to spot red flags and do our best to keep you in compliance.

Scheduling is flexible and convenient. We also accommodate mail ins, email, drop off, etc

Customer service is our priority. There are no numbers in our firm. Everybody is important and everybody counts.

We take our jobs serious but we have a good time.

Our clients enjoy their experience, trust us and know we are on their side.

How can we help you?


Rod Maiorano  Certified Tax Preparer
Rod Maiorano   Certified Tax Preparer \ License A259847

Rod Maiorano

Rod is the owner/operator of Gotta Do My Taxes. Originally from New York, he headed out West for sunnier pastures. He became interested in a career where he could help people and build communities and found himself in the tax business.

Rod has processed thousands of tax returns. This was due to hard work, determination and the will to always do better. The result was a client base that appreciated his efforts and has stayed loyal ever since.

His mission is to co-create a loving and nurturing planet by extending the best of himself. He works to make this a better place with better people.

Rod’s credentials are available on the IRS, AFSP and CTEC directories.




Ryan Ackerman   Certified Tax Preparer License A252159

Ryan Ackerman

Ryan Ackerman is one of 12 native Los Angeleno’s. They meet once a year in Burbank and try to come up with new ways to make the traffic here even worse. He studied Film and English at TCU and got into Film distribution right out of school. For 3 years he did marketing for an Independent Film company, met lots of wonderful people, and ended up with a film that was eventually Oscar nominated for Best Documentary. Looking to broaden his horizons, he decided film was too boring and wanted to dive into the exciting world of Income Taxes. He has prepared thousands of personal and corporate returns. Ryan’s credentials are available on the IRS, AFSP and CTEC directories.