For our clients that we are working with remotely, we use a secure file exchange web portal for you to upload your tax documents instead of via email.

This is the safest, most secure and convenient way for us to keep your private and confidential information protected and easy to access. Just upload PDFs, and access at your convenience.

Your site and files are always protected by tough, industry-standard security measures. All transmissions are secure, and files are encrypted at rest on the server. At all times, you can view and access your own documents. The portal is web-based, and works with just about any browser and computer, uses folders and files, just like your computer. Uploading, downloading, renaming, and deleting files is simple, obvious and quick.


When you are ready to do your taxes, shoot me an email saying you are ready to send me your stuff and are requesting a username and link. Give me the last 4 of your social or make up your own 4 digit PIN.

  • I will email you…a username and link.
  • Go to the link, plug in the username, the PIN, then create your own password.
  • Once you are in, you are ready!
  • Click on Documents to Preparer and upload all your docs.
  • Click on Documents from Preparer and you can download our Tax Worksheets such as;
    • Deduction Worksheet
    • Performing Artist Worksheet
    • Rental Property Worksheet
    • Client Info Sheet (to update your personal info)


From BenDover@gmail.com

To Rod@gottadomytaxes.com

Subject Ready to do my taxes

Hey Rod,

So I’m ready to send you my stuff.

Please send me a username and link.

The last 4 of my social is 9876 (or) I’d like my PIN to be 1234

Hope you and Ryan are doing great. Are you still as handsome as last year?



REPLY from Rod@gottadomytaxes.com

To Ben Dover@gmail.com

Subject RE: Ready to do my taxes

Thanks Ben,

Your username is


The link is


Thanks Ben!