The IRS is coming to arrest me! What should I do? They left a (message, text, voicemail, email) saying that they were from the Criminal Investigation Unit of the IRS and that unless I call them back, they are going to issue a warrant for my arrest and that they are going to seize my blah blah blah and I think I’m being audited! Call me back, please! Tell me what do to do! For the love of humanity, what did I do wrong?


Take a breath

Have a glass of milk

Make a sandwich

Kick off your shoes, get soulful.

It’s ALL A SCAM !!!

Think about how outrageous that message is.

I know, with the IRS, nothing seems outrageous, but this is.

The IRS will only communicate with you via mail, unless you already have been in communication with one of their people on a specific issue, and they STILL would not leave such a message.

This is a scam. Law enforcement just recently broke up one of these scammers operating in India. They’ve arrested 60 people so far, but there are more of these types of scams going on all over the country, all over the world. They play into everybody’s fear of the IRS.

How do you handle it?

It’s okay to ignore it and do nothing at all, but you might want to report their phone number to the Federal Trade Commission and the IRS.

1-Here is the link to the FTC. Click on the first red alert, “Somebody pretending to work for the government”

2- Here is the link to the email address to report them to the IRS